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Industry Leading 
Cloud Integration

Whatever SAP solutions you plan to run in a cloud, NetApp can support you on-premises and across clouds. NetApp is the only provider of file services certified for SAP HANA in both Azure and Google Cloud, giving customers access to their SAP data whenever and wherever they need it so they can streamline business operations and enhance customer support.

Realize better business results. Faster.

Differentiate your organization: Gain value and insights in record time from your SAP projects. NetApp Solutions deliver uninterrupted real-time data access throughout the hybrid cloud, and accelerated project ramp-up to propel your business forward. 

Longterm Partnership 
and Co-Innovation

Leverage NetApp’s expertise as one of SAP’s most strategic global partners. Rely on a strong ecosystem partner landscape with many customer references.

Highly Integrated into
SAP Application

Easy and highly automated data management for all SAP-supported databases and services. Fully integrated into SAP’s data management framework, cloud-agnostic.

Trusted, Proven Vendor 
for SAP

Thousands of customers worldwide across all industries have trust in running SAP on NetApp, with the highest grade of satisfaction. Also, SAP is one of NetApp’s largest customer worldwide.

Leverage the Know-How of
Experts for Your Business

The SAP on NetApp Summit is an excellent opportunity to connect with people sharing the same interest and to leverage expert know-how from SAP, NetApp, partners, and customers. The setting is just perfect: It offers a wealth of profound know-how, strategic insight, and real-world use cases. And it is well-sized to make direct communication and networking easy.